October 2018 Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2018

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club

October 8, 2018

Membership Meeting Minutes

The October 8, 2018 meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM by club president Steve Rees. There were

70 members present. Welcome all!! If there are any corrections to information posted on the website,

please send to the club email - midillinoiscorvetteclub@gmail.com.

The club continues to grow, and there are many activities to participate in. One of them is the dinner @

5 at Kep’s before the meeting. And there are many opportunities to volunteer – from serving on the

board to leading an event to helping with the St. Jude Car Show or Autocross. Without our volunteers,

we would not exist.

Program – Mike Yager was not able to attend tonight’s meeting due to his critical ill grandson. please

continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer John Hanson gave a detailed report from the last month. There was no

discussion on the report. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept.

Secretary’s Report - The September 2018 meeting minutes, which were e-mailed to the membership or

mailed to those not having e-mails, had no corrections needed. A motion was made, seconded, and

approved to accept.

Governor’s Report – none

Activities – All events are on the web, and Rich will generally send the e-mail invite a couple of weeks

before the event also.

October 13 – Party hosted by Tom Stanesa in Morton.

October 20 – Fall picnic hosted by Mike & Sandy Arnold. Please sign up for a side dish.

November 11- Veteran's day parade in Galesburg. please attend with the thought of giving a ride to a

veteran in your corvette! Parade starts at 2pm.

November 24- St. Jude Corvette drive fundraiser at Panera’s!

Membership - Our membership is now at 188 members in 103 households. We had several visitors

tonight. Please welcome Johnnie and Karen Walker, Scott and Susan Smith, and Dale Durham. All were

voted into the club.

Webmaster - please email any pictures you would like to have added to the website to Don Karnes @


Member Spotlight – Jody Lawrence and Larry Fauber – Larry talked about how he got started with his

collection of various cars with the help of Uncle Ray. He gave his 18-year-old grandson a 1978 corvette

for his birthday.

Old Business – Member dues are due this month, please see Tracy.

Coupon Books are available for $30 a book. Please see Jessica Lowry to purchase one.

New Business – All of the club items that we had in storage in Morton have been moved to our new

storage area located next to Uftring’s temporary location. It is the same building where you can store

your Corvette for $55/month. It is climate controlled, pest controlled, has motion activated lights, and a

secure entry system with cameras.

Club dues for 2019 are due in October - $71/couple or $61/single. These can be mailed to Tracy or paid

at the Oct meeting.

Jim Gilmore has several C5 hats, polo’s and T-shirts if anyone is interested in them. please let Jim know.

Congrats on your new ride Jim!!

Thank you card from Jim and Mary Ortiz was read, they were present in tonight's meeting. Welcome


If you have an item for sale, email all the information to the club email address.

Jessica Lowry has agreed to step in as the 2019 Secretary, thank you Jessica.

Announcements – Members in the Spotlight next month will be John and Laurie Hanson.

Trivia and 50/50 – Trivia question: What was the 1 st years for the corvette as the Indianapolis pace care?

A) 69 B) 73 C) 78 D) 82

The correct answer was C)78 answered correctly by Mary Stone and she donated $20.00 back to the

shoe fund. Thank you, Mary!

The 50/50 drawing was for $51.00 tonight and the winner Bernie Meegan donated it back to the shoe


Adjournment - A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:20PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica Lowry