January 2018 Membership Meeting Minutes

 Mid-Illinois Corvette Club

January 8, 2018

Membership Meeting Minutes


The January 8, 2018 meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by our new club president Steve Rees. There were 51 members present and 3 guests. Welcome all!! The meeting was held at Five Points in Washington since Uftring’s was not available due to the fire that destroyed their buildings. Steve thanked the members from the former board for their service to the club. He welcomes any emails or texts with any comments. He urged participation by ALL members, and thanked all those that have volunteered in the past. He expressed thanks to Gary Uftring in particular, for his service to the community and the club, especially in light of their recent fire. Gary spoke about the awesome community support they have received, and promised that they would rebuild and be better than before! Jim Becker asked if there was anything the club could do – Gary just asked members to “have fun and keep the camaraderie active”.

Treasurer’s Report – New MICC Treasurer, John Hanson, gave the treasurer’s report for December 31, 2017 including a detailed breakdown of all transactions. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept as presented.

Moe presented a check for $353 that was collected from the bus drivers for the shoe fund. The kids were able to pick out 65 pairs of shoes when they went on their shopping trip. Thanks to all!

Secretary’s Report - The December 2017 meeting minutes as posted on the website were reviewed with one correction – the coupon books sold for $30, not $25 as stated. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept.

Activities – Our new activities chairman, Rich Anderson, welcomed everyone to the first event this year on Saturday, January 13th at Sky Harbor. Rich will be the chairman for the Car Show this year, but asked for volunteers. He also asked that if anyone wants to volunteer to host a group event he would appreciate it. From his survey it was determined that people like eating out, tours, scenic drives, and overnight trips, but would like to see new places added instead of the same old thing.

Membership – Steve reported that we are starting 2018 with 172 members in 94 households. Tracy sent a new e-mail listing the middle of December to all members. If there are any corrections, please let Tracy know. 

Newsletter – Please send all information for the Newsletter by the 25th of the month.

Webmaster – No report.

Governor’s Report – Sandy Arnold had checked with NCCC to see if our insurance with them would cover the inventory lost in the fire – it does not. Gary said all items lost would be covered under Uftring’s insurance. Our equipment in the storage unit in Morton IS covered.

Program – Steve presented a report on “Top Tier Fuels” for Corvettes. There are many stations that sell it, Costco Warehouse being one of them.

Steve is hoping to add a new segment to the meeting where club members will be “spotlighted” each month. This month it was Steve & Colette Rees and Dan & Sherie Hittinger.

Old Business – The club Rang The Bells for the Salvation Army and collected $521.07. They had a late start on it last fall & could only do it for 2 days, they’re hoping to do better this coming year.

Rex McMorris brought up the use of CB radios when on club trips like they used to do.

New Business – Our new VP, Dan Hittinger, told the club that due to his & Sherie’s jobs, they would be moving to Cary NC and he was resigning his position. We wish them both the best of luck in their new endeavors. They will remain members of the club for the current year and hope to meet up on a club trip if possible. If anyone is interested in filling the position, please let Steve know.

The club supports 4 charities: The St. Jude Drive, The Car Show, Shoe Fund, and Salvation Army Bell Ringing – it was voted that we would continue to support these 4 charities.

Steve asked for volunteers for the By-Laws committee. We need 3-5 people for this task. Moe volunteered.

It was brought up about how much old inventory we have. The plan is to have a sale to clear out this merchandise which includes coats, shirts, stickers, wrist bands, caps & visors.

Announcements – The St. Jude Drive will be on May 17/18 this year. It is not too early to sign up and start soliciting.

Our guests tonight included Joe Knapp, Mike McCoy, and Rod Wand. Rod has a 2017 grey Z06 and he joined the club!

Trivia and 50/50 – No Trivia or 50-50 this month.

Adjournment - A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:39 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Marilyn Carls, MICC Secretary