June 2019 Minutes

June 2019 Meeting Minutes

June 29, 2019

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club June  Meeting

Meeting Minutes: June 10th 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Steve Rees at 6:35pm, with 54 members and 4 guests present.  

First time visitors; Randy & Cindy Tangman

Second time visitors; Duane & Karol Allen, they were voted in and are now new members welcome to the club.

Program: We had a guest speaker “Margaret Hanley Williams Founder of Peoria Honor Flight”.  She gave detailed and

Informative short presentation about the Honor Flight Organisation. Some of the Club members have been on previous flights.

Other members have been at the Airport when the flight returns. They say it is an impressive sight. If you want to learn more

About them go to ( Greater Peoria Honor Flight.Org )

Treasurer’s Report: None for this month will have one next month.

Secretary’s Report:  The Secretary’s Report was posted on the website, I did not have the number of members present last month

  A motion was made to accept the report as read by Rex McMorris  and 

Seconded by Darlene Corrie

Governor’s Report: None 

Activities:  All events are on the website midillinoiscorvetteclub@gmail.com. calendar.  Rich usually sends a reminder email/invite before an event.  Please check the website!  A few of the activities are:

Connie Durham talked about the 4th of July Parade

John Haase talked about the “ The Make A Wish Car Show “ on July 13th 2019

Mike Branham talked about the “ Hannibal Corvette Show “ on Aug. 2nd & 3rd 2019 or just the show on the 3rd

Rich reminded everyone about “ The Westminster Car Show “ in Bloomington 9/12/2019

Steve- Acknowledged and thanked those members present and those who couldn’t make the meeting, for their participation

With The St Jude Drive and the Car Show.


New Business: Roger & Elaine Kasky won second place in their Class at the Myrtle Beach trip.

Harry Sweet won at Chula Vista “ 1998 Pace Car “

No shirts or hats in inventory now, looking for new place to supply some without having to buy a big order.

Thanks Don Karnes for the pictures on Website & Updates.

Jim & Julie Selman moving to Florida 

Thoughts and Prayers for Mike Watts

Trivia Question; What year did the 500,000 Corvette rolled off St Louis assembly line. Correct answer 1977

50/50 for $36 to winner Joe Lowery was donated to “Shoe Fund”

Membership Report:  None

 Webmaster Report:  Please email any pictures you would like to have added to the website to Don Karnes at karnesddaon@gmail.com.    It was discussed that new members or members who have new or different cars should be updated in the near future.

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Jim Redmond