July 2019 Minutes

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club

Meeting Minutes for July 8, 2019 meeting.

The meeting was called to order by President Steve Rees at 6:32 pm. We have 166 members, 44 were present.

We had three visitors; 1 st time visitor Ed Lamoureux and 2 nd time visitors Cindy & Randy Tangman.

Cindy & Randy Tangman were voted into the club at the meeting. 

We had guest speakers from ( PAW Giving Independence ) Donna Kosner, Sue Hail, Rebecca Splitt, and Colette Rees.

They are an all volunteer organization that takes rescued and donated dogs, train them to be Therapy, Service, Medical Alert, and

other Classification’s, for people that need them. They started in this area in 2008. They place these trained dogs free of charge to

people that need them. To learn more about the organization go to “ Giving Independence.Org”

Gary Uftring spoke of the July 18 th unveiling of The Next Generation Mid Engine Corvette, and how they will be one of the 125

Premier Dealerships.

Program:  None

Treasurer’s Report:  A detailed report was presented for May & June motion to approve John Haase 2 nd Mary Stone motion


Secretary’s Report:  The Secretary’s Report was posted on the website.  Those without emails were mailed a copy of the reports. 

A motion was made to accept the report by Dennis Dunn 2 nd Buddy Turner motion carried. 

Governor’s Report: None 

Activities:  All events are on the website midillinoiscorvetteclub@gmail.com. calendar.  Rich usually sends a reminder email/invite

before an event.  Please check the website!  A few of the activities are:

August 17 RT 66 Road Trip

August 24 Vets for Vets on The River

December 7 Christmas Party at Paradise.