The travel/trip leader will provide each driver a detailed description of the planned route including a map and designate a CB channel for those who have CBs. Please leave your CB tuned to the designated channel so that you can hear directions and information regarding rest stops or reasons to leave the designated route. Cars without CBs should be in the middle of the caravan.

The travel/trip leader will set their cruise control at a designated speed and will inform the caravan of that speed.  

Set your cruise control using the 3 second rule from the car you are following and double that distance (6 seconds) in inclement weather. Maintain the appropriate speed at all times to avoid falling behind. Please keep the group together and never pass the travel leader.

If you do not want to use your cruise control or travel the designated speed, please drive at the end of the group.

Don't impede the flow of traffic. If you are passing a vehicle, pass in a timely manner and get back into the driving lane. When there are several cars in a group, passing other cars can be difficult. Be smart when passing and consider the others in the group who still need to pass. Again please try to keep the group together.

Use your turn signals when changing lanes. All usual and customary driver safety rules apply!

Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while driving. Drinking and driving could jeopardize yoursafety the safety of others. An open bottle of liquor in your vehicle is punishable under the law. Please don't ruin the reputation of the organization and that of our sponsor.

The driver leader will have a “tail” driver with a CB or cell phone who can contact the travel/trip leader if there is an accident, medical emergency, car problems, or any other problems.

 Drive Smart — Be Safe