September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Mid-Illinois Corvette Club

September 10, 2018

Membership Meeting Minutes

The September 10, 2018 meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM by club president Steve Rees. There were 67 members present. Welcome all!! If there are any corrections to information posted on the website, please send to the club email -

The club continues to grow, and there are many activities to participate in. One of them is the dinner @ 5 at Kep’s before the meeting. And there are many opportunities to volunteer – from serving on the board to leading an event to helping with the St. Jude Car Show or Autocross. Without our volunteers, we would not exist.

Program – None.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer John Hanson gave a detailed report from the last month. There was no discussion on the report. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept.

Secretary’s Report - The August 2018 meeting minutes, which were e-mailed to the membership or mailed to those not having e-mails, had no corrections needed. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept.

Governor’s Report – There are 28 clubs in the Midwest Region, but only 4 of them have a secure website – ours is one of the four – congratulations! The full report can be found on the web.

Activities – All events are on the web, and Rich will generally send the e-mail invite a couple of weeks before the event also.

September 21/22 – Mid America Funfest. Robin Jones will be going down on Friday – Elaine Kasky will go down on Saturday. Check the web for the particulars.

October 7 – Route 66 road trip.

October 13 – Party hosted by Tom Stanesa in Morton.

October 20 – Fall picnic hosted by Mike & Sandy Arnold. There will be a sign up sheet at the next meeting so you can indicate what you will bring.

Membership - Our membership is now at 183 members in 101 households.

Webmaster - please email any pictures you would like to have added to the website to Don Karnes @

Member Spotlight – Roger & Mary Stone are charter members of the club. Roger’s addiction started in 1961 with a T-Bird, but graduated to several Corvettes over the years, including collector cars and cars designated for travel. Many memories, fun trips & pranks played out on their travels.

Dan & Marguerite Gove are avid racers. Over the years they have had numerous Corvettes, and love taking them to the track. Dan showed several videos of racing that he had done the day before.

Old Business – Steve thanked the Nominating committee, Bruce Adamson, Jodie Marcy & Angel Smith for contacting all members to ask if they would be interested in running for a board position. The President, VicePresident, Activities Chairman, Membership & Governor will remain the same. Peggy Karnes will be the

Treasurer, and Steve will have to appoint someone for Secretary. Since there was only one person running for each office, it will NOT be necessary to create a ballot for a vote.

Mike Yager is still scheduled to be our special guest at the October meeting.

Only 3 members went to the Toluca Car Show. Roger Stone reminded members that if we want people to come to our show, then we need to support other car shows. He also suggested that it is not too early to start collecting items for the car show.

Bob Picton discussed the car show and how we need more club participation in order to continue having this each year. It takes a lot of work and effort from the club to make this event successful. He will have sign-up sheets available until January to see if we have enough participation to continue the car show.

Coupon Books are available for $30 a book. Please see Jessica Lowry to purchase one.

New Business – All of the club items that we had in storage in Morton have been moved to our new storage area located next to Uftring’s temporary location. It is the same building where you can store your Corvette for $55/month. It is climate controlled, pest controlled, has motion activated lights, and a secure entry system with cameras.

Club dues for 2019 are due in October - $71/couple or $61/single. These can be mailed to Tracy or paid at the Oct meeting.

If you have an item for sale, email all the information to the club email address.

Announcements – Members in the Spotlight next month will be Larry Fauber & Jody Lawrence.

Trivia and 50/50 – Trivia question: What is the floor made up of on the C5?

A) Balsa Wood, B) Stainless Steel. C) Aluminum. D) Fiberglass

The correct answer was A) Balsa Wood, but was answered incorrectly.

The 50/50 drawing was for $41.00 tonight and was won by Jim Gilmore, who donated it back to the shoe fund. Thank you Jim!

Adjournment - A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:41PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marilyn Carls

MICC Secretary

Sept 2018 Governor's Report

Governor’s Report
September 7-8, 2018

Dan Gove, a member of MICC and St. Jude Drive board member, was our guest speaker at our national meeting this weekend in St. Louis, MO. He spoke to the group about the St. Jude Drive.

There are 28 clubs in the Midwest Region with only four clubs who had a secure website! Our club was one of those four! Congratulations!

Two of our club members received Regional Championship awards for autocross racing. Placing 9 th in Men’s was Mike Ball and placing 8 th in Women’s was Elizabeth Ball. Congrats to both of you!

We are in need of a location to have an autocross in the Peoria area. If you know of a lot that can be used, please contact me ASAP. The Quincy location that we have used in the past is no longer available.  We risk losing our only autocross.

Membership renewals will start soon! For those with email, you will receive a email confirmation and in January everyone will receive a physical card. The NCC has decided to continue using a credit card type card. There will not be a hard copy for those renewing high speed licenses. Those will be emailed/printed only.

Membership numbers as of September 8, 2018 are 18,623 members including MALS in the NCCC, with the Midwest Region having 2,450 members and 28 clubs, with Corvette Club of Illinois/Suburban Corvette Club of Minnesota (Tie) having 207 members each.

We covered lots of issues at the Governor’s meeting this weekend in St. Louis. We reviewed and determined there will be no changes to the new rule book. There will be 10 minor changes, including how racing numbers will be secured, in the Standing Rules for clarification only, and will be voted on for approval at the November meeting. The election committee revealed those running for office for next year. Electronic voting will begin soon and the results of the election will be announced at the November meeting.

National Council of Corvette Clubs Convention 2019 will be held in Denver, CO July 7-12, 2019.
Information is available.

National Council of Corvette Clubs Convention 2020 was submitted for approval in Indianapolis, IN.

Preliminary information is available.

Respectfully Submitted
Sandy Arnold
Governor, MICC-391

Presenting Check to St. Jude Runners


July 9, 2018 St. Jude Runners Ryan & Amy Jones and their family was presented a check at the meeting.  The money was proceeds of the car show.

1995 Corvette For Sale

From Dale Nelson to Jerry Lancaster now to whom ?

1995 Corvette Convertible , dark green, 350, 350 horsepower, tan top , tan interior, leather power seats, great condition, asking 14,500.00 , 28,000.miles

For Sale 2004 Corvette

Attached please find a few pictures of my, well maintained, 2004 C5 Corvette that is FOR SALE.  Needs to been seen to appreciate. If any one is interested in seeing her, by appointment only, I can be reached on my cell phone 309- 370-3208  or home phone 309 383 2390.  I am asking $19,000.


A few details. 

2004 C5 with 46,000 miles

5.7 Liter SFI V8 350HP

4 SPD Auto Trans. w/overdrive

Exterior: Arctic White

Interior: Black Leather trim seating.

Needs to be seen to view Additional equipment.

Other equipment is to detailed to list



February 2018 Governors Report

Governor’s Report
February 23-25, 2018
Again this year we will participate in the Great Rivers Autocross. The date and location of the autocross
has changed to Sunday, May 20, 2018 at the Quincy Airport. We need volunteers for this event. Further
details will follow.
NCCC membership “plastic” cards will be sent to all members in March. Beginning next year the cards
will only be available electronically.
There is a new membership application. It was suggested that when registering a new member to send
them a “Welcome to the Club” email to make sure their email address is correct. The new member
application should be accompanied by a club check with our club number printed on it and a control
Ballots for elections were destroyed with a print copy of the results will be held by the RE.
We discussed the budget for the MWR and felt it important that there would be no additional
unplanned expenses. Everything should be included in the budget.
Joan Thomas was appointed Web Master, again this year.
Discussed was a standing rule change regarding who would accept new members when the database is
closed. That will fall on the RMD.
Volunteers are needed for the MWR Fundraiser Memorial Day weekend in Rantoul. If you are available
please let me know. WE have donated 6 sanctions for these events.
NCCC has switched to GoDaddy for the website. We can also post our car show on the MWR website
and NCCC Facebook page at Members Only. Login is NCCCMember. Password is 1996GrandSport.
Any information you want to add must be formatted correctly to be used.
At the convention there will be available a high speed event along with instructors.
The NCCC has 17,388 members. Mid-Illinois is the 19 th largest club in the NCCC.
This year there are 104 racing numbers, 23 sanctioned racing dates and 225 racing events in our region.
Would anyone be interested in a sanctioned Ralleye in Milan, IL. ?

Sandy Arnold
Governor 391