February 2018 Governors Report

Governor’s Report
February 23-25, 2018
Again this year we will participate in the Great Rivers Autocross. The date and location of the autocross
has changed to Sunday, May 20, 2018 at the Quincy Airport. We need volunteers for this event. Further
details will follow.
NCCC membership “plastic” cards will be sent to all members in March. Beginning next year the cards
will only be available electronically.
There is a new membership application. It was suggested that when registering a new member to send
them a “Welcome to the Club” email to make sure their email address is correct. The new member
application should be accompanied by a club check with our club number printed on it and a control
Ballots for elections were destroyed with a print copy of the results will be held by the RE.
We discussed the budget for the MWR and felt it important that there would be no additional
unplanned expenses. Everything should be included in the budget.
Joan Thomas was appointed Web Master, again this year.
Discussed was a standing rule change regarding who would accept new members when the database is
closed. That will fall on the RMD.
Volunteers are needed for the MWR Fundraiser Memorial Day weekend in Rantoul. If you are available
please let me know. WE have donated 6 sanctions for these events.
NCCC has switched to GoDaddy for the website. We can also post our car show on the MWR website
and NCCC Facebook page at Members Only. Login is NCCCMember. Password is 1996GrandSport.
Any information you want to add must be formatted correctly to be used.
At the convention there will be available a high speed event along with instructors.
The NCCC has 17,388 members. Mid-Illinois is the 19 th largest club in the NCCC.
This year there are 104 racing numbers, 23 sanctioned racing dates and 225 racing events in our region.
Would anyone be interested in a sanctioned Ralleye in Milan, IL. ?

Sandy Arnold
Governor 391