Message from President Concerning Openings on Board

  • This is your club president, and I wanted to bring something to your attention before our next regular meeting.  We have 1 opening on the Board, Secretary for the Mid-Illinois Corvette Clu We really need to have this filled, to be able to effectively operate the Club, so we're asking that each of you give some serious consideration to helping the club out.

    • Takes the minutes at each regular meeting

    • Distributes meeting minutes (email and to webmaster)

    • Helps keep the president in line

Therefore, I hope you take away that it isn't a ton of work.   It's much more about helping to keep the Club moving forward.  

I know that many of our members have served before, and may feel like they've done their part.  Although I recognize that the Club is as strong as we are because of the past contributions, it is the future contributions we're in need of at the moment.  Whether you have served before or not, please consider helping the Club in 2019.

One final thing - we'll be at the brand new Uftring Washington dealership for our January meeting (January 14th).  If you haven't had an opportunity to see the dealership yet, it looks fantastic.  

Thank you, and I hope to see you at the meeting.