April 2019 Autocross Update

Autocross FYI

April 27-28, 2019

Central Illinois Corvette Club (MW-278) Springfield, IL.

Rolling Prairie Corvette Club (MW-464) Decatur, IL.

St. Louis Corvette Club (MW-522) St Peter, MO.

These three clubs held the 1 st regional autocross at the Pekin Airport.

The weather that weekend was terrible! Friday while setting up the course, was cold and windy!

Saturday was cold and raining! Sunday was sunny, but cold. The course was wet and cold on Saturday,

Sunday, it was cold but dry conditions. Times were much better on Sunday.

They had folks from 8 states, drivers as far as Georgia, 53 drivers with 7 ladies in the top 15 of the NCCC,

and 7 men.









#2 Betty Parks #6 Ed Cassel NO.1 MWR

#4 Jeannie Cassel MWR-SECRETARY #7 Howard Curtis

#5 Chris Reitz NCCC-TREASURER #8 Brian Eichhorn

#7 Linda Fairlamb NO. 1 MWR #10 Tom Reitz

#9 Carolyn Samuelson #11 Jeff Craig

#11 Patty Craig #12 Ray Bair MWR- RCD

#12 Wanda Buck # 15 Dale Samuelson NCCC PRESIDENT

But the most exciting news is that our very own Jody Marcy raced! He was amazing and after not racing

for 35 years, he ran the course in the low 30’s. I think his best time was 30.6!

We need your help! Everyone there commented on the location, with all great feedback, I feel the turn

out for our event in September should be incredible!

Thank you Jody Marcy and Bob and Linda Picton for coming out to help!