May Governor's Report 2019

Governor’s Report

May 3-4, 2019

We covered several issues in our meeting, including updated FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) are on the NCCC website, Blue Bars magazine articles recognizing club who make contributions to the community, rulebook change, standing rule changes, sanctioned events and insurance claims.

If you are receiving a “soft copy” of Blue Bars, you will need to go to the NCCC website to download; it is not emailed to you. If you’d like change how you are getting Blue Bars, soft or hard copy, let Tracy Adamson know, and she can change how you receive it.

To date there are 17,867 members in the NCCC with 239 clubs in 16 regions. The Midwest region continues to be the largest region with the most clubs and members in the NCCC. In our region there are 27 clubs, and 2,481 members. Corvette Club of Illinois is the largest club in the region with 207 members. Mid-Illinois Corvette Club is the 5th largest club in the region and the 23rd nationally.

In the recent Blue Bars Magazine there is an article about our shoe fund. If we’d like to submit any other article about the car show, bell ringing, St. Jude Drive, etc. please let me know and we can complete the necessary form.

Please give Tracy Adamson address or email changes. By our September meeting, we will start the process of renewals. Everyone will receive a new membership card again this year.

It was discussed and agreed upon that waivers should be used for any organized club event and any type of competition. The activity director should hold all waivers for 3 years in paper form with a copy being sent to the MWR RCD.

If you want to get on NCCC Members Only website, use the password is 1965MakoShark1. This site is only for NCCC members.

The convention will be held in Denver this summer. Information is at the activity table. The 2020 convention will be held in Indianapolis and the 2021 convention may be held in Bowling Green, KY.

The new Corvette coming out will not be a C-8, it will be called the “NEXT GENERATION”.

If you have any questions, please email or call me.

Sandy Arnold

MICC Governor